Utilities: electrical, drainage

Utilities: electrical, drainage

Services: electrical, water, compressed air, drainage

Electrical services: With the electrical power backup infrastructure, we can guarantee a continuous power supply without interruptions. The distribution of electrical power panels allows you to have power outlets available throughout the exhibition area, which makes it very easy for you to install your stands or panels without problems. Please contact your event manager for special requests.

Potable Water Services: We guarantee access to drinking water, properly dosed and monitored with laboratory tests, and pumped to the PCC's internal network. In the display area, you will find water supply and drain outlets located within convenient recessed drawers in the floor for your convenience.

Compressed air: Compressed air is one of the most widely used energy carriers in the industrial, commercial and healthcare markets. The Panama Convention Center has a central compressed air production plant that makes it possible to have built-in boxes in the floor with compressed air supply in the exhibition area to facilitate connection to previously selected exhibition stands in a very simple way.


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