At Panama Convention Center, we understand it’s all about the little details, the behind-the-scenes aspects which contribute to the success of an event.

That is why we have qualified and professional staff to help you meet your electrical and engineering needs. Among our exclusive services you will find: compressed air, water service, drainage service, electric service and lighting.


Projectors and screens in our 16 meeting rooms.

Box Office

Two sets of ticket offices with space for 5 registration clerks in each set.

Services for each Stand

Power outlet, Wired Cat 6, Water, Drainage, Compressed Air.

Meeting Rooms

Smaller rooms on the ground floor level, which provide an ideal setting for workshops, meetings, press rooms and small-scale events.

Business Center

Your exhibitors and assistants can send by mail, fax, photocopy or create a last minute presentation.

VIP - Green Room

Private and atractive space for small meetings or as Backstage during events, with all the necessary requirements.