Other Services

Waste management

The solid waste product of the waste generated during the assembly of events, such as supplies, food or others, is disposed of in labeled containers, located in areas specially equipped for it and its subsequent collection. Separation of organic and recyclable.


For the Panama Convention Center, the safety of visitors (sporadic and permanent), organizers, exhibitors, contractors and collaborators is the highest priority, which is why our systems installed in the venue are state-of-the-art technology.

Efficient and safe use of water

We work to maintain the safety of drinking water that is pumped into the PCC's internal network. We have rainwater collection, treatment and distribution systems for use in toilets and irrigation systems for green areas.


Our electrical infrastructure is supported by 4 emergency electrical generators, as protection in the event of power failures.


SMG Latin America LLC has developed protocols for the Panama Convention Center focused on the highest biosecurity standards, reinforcing security and sanitation throughout the venue.


We have 168 restrooms (ladies and gentlemen) available to our visitors, for meeting rooms, banquets and exhibitions. All toilets are activated by proximity sensors, which prevents direct contact with the hands.

Fire protection system

A series of smoke detectors have been installed in the enclosure with laser technology with an automatic fire sprinkler system and manual emergency stations, as well as hoses and fire extinguishers that are distributed throughout the facility.


We have a centralized camera system monitored 24 hours a day from the security center, as well as a CCTV closed-circuit television system, with the capacity to make recordings continuously.

Health Assistance Services

We have at your disposal First Aid and health assistance, that provides health care services, as well as mobile ambulance services, in strict compliance with the regulations required by the authorities.

Electronic Access Control

Electronic access control is an essential system for the security of the Panama Convention Center, we have a process for the activation and delivery of access control cards with signed document support in case the request for it applies.