Frequently asked .

We collect the most frequent asked questions by our users to anticipate their needs.

How can I reserve a space?

Click HERE to complete the online "Request for Proposal" form and a sales manager will contact you soon.

Is smoking or vaping allowed inside the PCC?

No smoking or vaping is allowed at the PCC.


Where is the Panama Convention Center located?

We are located in Amador, General Juan D. Perón street.

Are outside food and drinks allowed inside PCC?

Food and drinks from outside are not allowed inside the Convention Center.

Does the Convention Center have a business center?

PCC has a full-service business center ready to handle all of your document and communication needs.

Is there free airport shuttle from the airport?

The PCC does not offer free transportation to the airport.

Is wireless internet available in all areas of the center?

Wireless Internet access is available for purchase in all meeting rooms, exhibit rooms, and ballrooms.

Is there currency exchange inside the Convention Center?

The Panama Convention Center does not provide currency exchange service.

Does the Panama Convention Center provide wheelchair rental?

Our services team can help with wheelchair rentals when available. Ask a service representative for help.

Are there recharging points for electronic cell phones in PCC?

Electronic charging stations can be found in the lobby area. See event details for additional information.

Does the PCC provide technical support for my event?

Yes. The PCC has its own dedicated team of in-house technicians, including AV, lighting and sound technicians, stage managers and editors.

What format are your projection screens?

All projection screens are 16:9 format (widescreen).

Do you have facilities for people with disabilities?

As a purpose-built world-class conference venue, we have incorporated all legislative requirements for accessibility into the design of the building and for the comfort of all.

Is the PCC open to the public?

Due to events in the building, the PCC is not open to the public.

What currency is used in Panama?

The Panamanian balboa (PAB) is the national currency of the Republic of Panama, circulating alongside the US dollar (USD), to which the PAB is pegged at par (1:1). Balboas are issued only in coin form and are subdivided into 100 cents.

Where can I change money?

Most banks offer a foreign exchange service and generally offer the best exchange rates.

Can we bring our own company to the PCC to take care of our scenario design and technical requirements?

Yes you can, our technical team is happy to work with visiting production teams.