Tips To Choosing The Ideal Caribbean Summer Camp

Teen Sailing Camps

No matter what your interests, personality, or skill level may be, teen sailing camps offer teens the summer adventure of a lifetime.  Whether you have years of sailing experience, or are looking to learn how to sail for the first time, teen sailing camps provide teens the ideal opportunity to either acquire or perfect their sailing skills and techniques.  From the gorgeous tropical setting to the exciting training program to the committed sailing instructors, you can be sure that your teen sailing camp experience will be unforgettable.

Teen sailing camps offer teens a unique combination of learning, leadership training, community service, and other exciting activities.  Camp programs usually last for one week up to several weeks.  Sailing camps are also typically designed to visit a variety of local areas in the Caribbean, including volcanic tropical islands, untouched reefs, and secluded coves and cays.

During their time in a summer sailing camp, teens not only learn how to sail, but also enjoy other recreational activities.  For example, teens can participate in scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, and wakeboarding.  Through their sailing training and extra activities, teens have the opportunity to gain valuable leadership skills and learn how to work well in a team atmosphere.

Teen sailing camps also offer teens the chance to serve others and the environment through community service opportunities, such as reef checks or beach clean-ups.